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Our Organisation 'House Of Bala' (HOB):

1. ‘HOUSE OF BALA ’ is a professional software company that has been providing software of the highest caliber for health care professionals for many years.
2. Our products cater extensively for General Practitioners / Consultants of Small / Medium sized Hospitals,
3. And include all aspects of Patient / Hospital management.
4. Our Marketing office is based in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu, India.

Our 'Team Bala':

The ‘TEAM BALA’ is chaired by our Director (Technical) Dr. MOHAN KUMAR.
It consists of:


Dr. Mohan Kumar MBBS.,

Dr. Bala Vinayak MBBS., MRCP (UK)., MRCGP., PGCE.,

Dr. Anuradha MA., MBBS., MRCP (UK)., FRCOpth.,

Dr. Kathiresan MD.,

Dr. Sakthi Subramanian MS., DCh.,

a group of ‘SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE COMPUTER PROFESSIONALS ’ who have tested about 1250 software:

Er. Bala Vignesh BE., MTel., MSc (Engg) (AU)., CCNA.,

Er. Bindhu BE (Chem).,

Er. Senthil BE., (System Admin)

Mr. Sathish BSc (CS).,

Mr. Kesavamoorthi MSC (SW).,

some ‘NETWORK ASSOCIATES ’ who are in the field for more than 12 years:

Er. Palanivelu BE., CCNA.,

Mr. Sivaramakrishnan BSc.,


Ms. Premalatha BSc.,

Mr. Sankarapandi MSc.,

an ‘ARTIST’:

Mr. Rajendran BA.,


Mr. Palanisami BSc (NIS).,


Mr. Ravichandran MBA.,

Our Policy:

1. The modern day world is dominated by computers.

2. But the division between medicine and computers is still too great.

3. Many doctors do not have the confidence that medical software will deliver the answer to all their needs.

4. This is possibly due to the fact that in the past, there has been lack of integration of computer and medical knowledge, exorbitant prices, poor understanding, technical hitches and mediocre service.

5. This created the demand and inspiration for software like ours which is uniform, comprehensive, efficient, effortless, extensively tried and tested, complete in its usage in terms of all day to day Patient / Administrative tasks and free of bugs.

6. This software is the answer you have been looking for.

7. From our vast experience of Medicine, Software and ‘Extensive on and off site testing’, we know that you will be more than impressed with your investment which will update and revolutionize your practice.

8. That is why we endeavor to provide our clients with a range of medical / hospital software which are

a. Of the highest quality

b. Affordable

c. Comprehensive for a day to day hospital management

d. Easy to use

e. Free of errors and bugs

Our Mantra:

We follow these values in developing all our products: 

1. Sorting: Depending upon the importance.

2. Setting (in place): For easy understanding.

3. Shinning: Clearing the unwanted and keeping the program (software) clean.

4. Standardising: Setting a standard in software development for others to follow.

5. Sustaining: Consistency in developing the software; so the Clients can learn easily.

6. Step by step: For easy navigation.

7. Attend to Details: To give an aesthetic appeal (for mind and heart).

8. Automation: To reduce the keystroke and mouse movement.

We advocate ‘SAVE’ rather than conventional ‘4 Ps’ towards our potential Clients: 

1. We provide ‘SOLUTION’ rather than developing ‘PRODUCT’.

2. We create easy ‘ACCESS’ to your need rather than you go around the ‘PLACES’.

3. We give ‘VALUE’ rather than fixing the ‘PRICE’ for our products.

4. We ‘EDUCATE’ our Clients rather than product ‘PROMOTION’.

Our Assurance:

Our Software:

In short, one has to see it to believe it, one has to experience it to feel the difference …
A single demo will be enough to hook anybody …