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We Do The Impossible:

1. It is an outcome of selected ideas from about 45,000 Doctors (through 9 IMA State Conferences, 2 IMA National conferences, 26 Various Local IMA CME Programs and 5 Medicall Expos).

We Give More User-Friendly Software: (Everything At Your Finger Tips)

2. STATUS REPORT – PATIENT (44 Reports, All activities of Patient, from Admission to Discharge, including Payments and Credits)
3. STATUS REPORT – PROFESSION (106 Reports, Regarding any Diagnosis, Drugs, Investigation, Treatment, Finance etc. between any given periods)
4. STATUS REPORT – FINANCE (32 Reports, All Professional & Non-Professional, Income and Expenditure, on any Desired date)
5. STATUS REPORT – CONSULTANT (39 Reports, Income generated for the Hospital, by the Consultant)
6. STATUS REPORT – EMPLOYEE (In Network Versions)

We Give More Quantity:

7. 103 modules, 184 reports and 106 statements for a throw-away price.,
8. From Jan 1, 2015 onwards, ‘Free Add-In’ available with ‘Hospital Management’ as part of special promotional offer:

A. ‘Room Management’ SW worth over Rs. 5000 (in Midget Versions)
B. ‘Linen Management’ SW worth over Rs. 7000 (in Midget Versions)
C. ‘Pharmacy’ SW worth over Rs. 10000 (in Luxury Versions)
D. ‘Mini Pay Roll’ SW worth over Rs. 8000 (in Network Versions)


a. These ‘Add-on’ are given as ‘FREE SOFTWARE’, ‘TO HELP’ you.
b. These Software ‘DON’T FORM PART OF ORIGINAL SOFTWARE’, for which you pay.
c. They are meant for ‘Small to Medium-sized Hospital’.
d. So they cannot fullfil ‘every expectation’ of ‘every Client’.
e. If you prefer, you can go for a bigger Software (in open market), which are available in various shapes, sizes and colors

We Give More Quality:

9. Conceived, Designed, Developed and Crafted Technically (no bugs), Professionally (more user-friendly) and Aesthetically (appeals both to mind and heart) since it is developed by Techno-Professionals for Professionals and out of Techno-Professionalism.
10. While others ‘Write’ (for Money), we ‘Create’ (for Joy & Celebration) SW.
11. Uniform, Comprehensive, Efficient, Effortless, Systematic, Neat, Accurate, Very easy-to-use and Artistic Software, Reports and Statements.

We Give More Choices (To Choose):

12. MORE SOFTWARE:  Hospital Management, Slimming, Addressograph, Patient Edu. / Info. Brochures, Clinical Lab & Pharmacy,
13. MORE EDITIONS:  Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 (First to launch) (Windows Vista Edition – Discontinued)

We Give More Information:

15. ‘Special Information’ on ‘How to care for the computer?’

16. ‘Special Information’ on ‘How to care for Database?’

17. ‘Special Information’ on ‘How to avoid duplication of Patient Id?’

18. In Drug Index, all properties are given for about 744 Generic names / 698 Brands

We Give More Utilities:

19. ‘List of Utilities’ are given to up-keep the computers.

20. Three Levels of Deletion of Database’ – makes the computer ready for the next financial year or just like newly installed software.

21. ‘Database Backup and Restore ’ is possible with a single click.

22. ‘Copy 4 Folders’ is another Masterpiece.

23. ‘LAN setting’ is completely automated.

24. Clients can customize the software on their own, wherever possible; no dependency on us at any time.

25. Prescription can be given in so many ways (Template, Custom, Emergency, Copy, Repeat, Duplicate, Blank and Statement).

We Give More Features For Customization:


Client’s Photo in main menu
Client’s Logo all Reports
Individual name for Lab, Xray, Scan Center, Pharmacy etc.
Additional Themes


Add, Modify and Delete Diagnoses Add, Modify and Delete Medicine Brands Appearance of Main Menu can be modified in Themes Add any type of Audio, Video or Image files to Pt’s info Files in any format & language, can be added to ‘Imp. Inst. to Pts’ Files in English can be added to ‘Spl Inst. to Pts’
Any number of Investigations can be added. Client can create his own Templates wherever needed Headings in the following Modules can be Added, Modified or Deleted.

(Prescription, Room Management, Observation, Services, References, Case sheets, Discharge notes, Investigations, Monthly Expenses Reminder, Master Health Checkup Questionnaire etc..)

We Give More Support:


A. Important instructions (Sample) as hard and soft copy (for © Hospital Management Program Pro)  which contains

1. How to install the software?
2. Why should you learn the software?
3. How to learn software quickly and easily?
4. What should you know before start using software?
5. How to care for the computer?
6. How to care for the database?
7. What are the contents provided with the software?
8. How is this software supported?
9. What should you do, if you have any complaints?

B. Supportive documents as hard and soft copy: which contain

1. Software Purchase Receipt 
2. Software Purchase Letter 
3. Quality Assurance Certificate
4. Product Information Brochure

C. Quick start guide (Sample) as soft copy (for © Hospital Management Program Pro)

30. LIST OF UTILITIES: To improve the performance of your computer and operating system
32. PHONE: + 91 421 2221020, Mobile + 91 98941 49010 Help Line Open between 0930 and 1930 Hours.
33. EMAIL: (Technical Director; for Technical Enquiries & Orders)
34. WEBSITE: www//
35. We provide ‘IMAGING SOLUTIONS’ using which you can retsore the computer to its original state within 10-20 minutes, in case of any eventuality, provided you have backedup the patient’s data regularly
36. DEMO / TRAINING: ‘Off-site demos’ are arranged regularly in our Tirupur Head office twice a week (Wednesday and Sunday at 1100 hours), with complimentary refreshments) for the benefit of our potential Clients / Clients. Please enquire about the availability and book your convenient time in the next available slot.
37. DEMO / TRAINING THROUGH TEAM VIEWER (twice weekly on Wednesday and Sunday at 1100 hours)

We Give Gift Cheque, Gift Voucher & Discounts:

38. If you are happy with our products,

and if you wish to pass on this benefit, to your friends,
and if that recommendation materializes in a ‘Real Purchase’,
we do give ‘Gift Cheque’ worth Rs. 3,000 to 5,000
depending upon the ‘Price of Actual Purchase’.

39. As a compliment, we give 'Gift Voucher' that

can be gifted or donated to or shared with dr friends or dr relatives.
are to be exchanged for a new Software purchase.
are valid for SIX months from the date of software purchase.
are not redeemable for cash.

If the purchase value is more than Rs. 25,000, ‘Gift voucher’ for Rs. 2,000.
If the purchase value is more than Rs. 50,000, ‘Gift voucher’ for Rs. 3,000.
If the purchase value is more than Rs. 75,000, ‘Gift voucher’ for Rs. 4,000.
If the purchase value is more than Rs. 1,00,000, ‘Gift voucher’ for Rs. 5,000.

40. We do give a 15% discount, if you purchase of 2 HMPP SW (along with your friend) in a single order;

similarly we give 30% discount, if you purchase 3 HMPP SW (other 2 software for your friends), in a single order.
‘Discount Percent’ is based on the ‘Purchased Lowest Priced Software’.

We Charge Less:

41. We (Professionals) charge Rs. 250 to 300 per module while Others (business people) charge Rs. 2500 to 3000 per module.
42. Our features and our cost are disproportionate, favoring clients.
43.More than 350 software sold till date.

We Can Throw More Challenge (Even Tho’ We Don’t Like, Of Course Friendly, Joyously And Playfully)

44. Prove a bug and win a cash prize of Rs. 1000. Note: bug is different from suggestions for improvement.
45. Find out a ‘Hospital Management Software’ For a ‘Small to Medium sized Hospital’,

Which has more quantity (Modules, Reports & Statements and Lesser price),
And more quality (in Technical, Professional and Aesthetic aspects) than ours;
And get a copy of our software CD absolutely free.
No obligation whatsoever.


46. These Software are a humbele tribute to our Guru.

We are not Business people but Spiritual and Hobbists.
So we don’t believe in Money, Fame and Ego.
So we don’t Sell or Promote products.
We just inform our potential Clients to know about the availability our products.
The product will sell by itself.

47. Our’s is Original.

Original is Original.
Duplicates are Duplicates.
Duplicates may look better.
But Original knows how to perform.