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Document Provided With Software:


A. Important instructions (Sample) as hard and soft copy (for © Hospital Management Program Pro)  which contains

1. How to install the software?
2. Why should you learn the software?
3. How to learn software quickly and easily?
4. What should you know before start using software?
5. How to care for the computer?
6. How to care for the database?
7. What are the contents provided with the software?
8. How is this software supported?
9. What should you do, if you have any complaints?

B. Supportive documents as hard and soft copy: which contain

1. Software Purchase Receipt
2. Software Purchase Letter
3. Quality Assurance Certificate

4. Product Information Brochure

C. Quick start guide (Sample) as soft copy (for © Hospital Management Program Pro)

3. LIST OF UTILITIES: To improve the performance of your computer and operating system
5. PHONE: + 91 421 2221020, Mobile + 91 98941 49010 Help Line Open between 0930 and 1930 Hours.
6. EMAIL: (Technical Director; for Technical Enquiries & Orders)
7. WEB: www//
8. We provide ‘IMAGING SOLUTIONS’ using which you can restore the computer to its original state within 10-20 minutes, in case of any eventuality, provided you have backedup the patient’s data regularly.

9. DEMO / TRAINING AT OUR HEAD OFFICE AT TIRUPUR (twice weekly on Wednesday and Sunday at 1100 hours)

10. DEMO / TRAINING THROUGH TEAM VIEWER (twice weekly on Wednesday and Sunday at 1100 hours)

We Don't Provide 'On-Site' Support - Why?

1. These Software are a humble tribute to our Guru. We are not Business people but Spiritual and Hobbists; We don’t believe in Money, Fame and Ego; So when we say something, we really mean it.

2. Our Software offers Best Quality possible (because it is written specifically for us, keeping in mind, the need of ours).

3. it is packed with Features (so that you can easily customize according to your need).

4. it has Aesthetic appeal (because work is a prayer for us).

5. It is competitively priced (we have a natural urge to contribute something worthy for our own profession and for our colleagues).

6. The Developers are Computer-Savvy Doctors and are actively practicing even now. We, 7 Doctors, have sacrificed nearly 4-5 hours a day, nearly 365 days a year and nearly 8 years of our Professional life to develop these software.

7. We cannot employ anybody (for obvious reasons, we cannot employ Medical Pro; and if we employ Technical People, they are unable to answer medical related queries).

8. ‘Creating’ SW is a ‘Hobby’ for us; So naturally we don’t Sell our products. But we are bound morally to inform our potential Medical Pro to know about the availability; and the product sells by itself.

9. Only People who are desperate to make money will go to one’s doorstep.

10. For these reason, we don’t go out for ‘On-Site’.

On-Site' Support By 'Out-Sourced' Personal (If Possible / Cannot Guarantee):

1. The ‘Hospital Management Program Pro’ software at your hand is a new version # 14.3.2; its design and program coding are drastically modified from the previous versions aiming at novice users.
2. First install the software as instructed.
3. Then take a print out of ‘Quick Start Guide’ (given in the Cd) and go through it thoroughly.
4. If you have the basic knowledge of computer, you can start using the software straightaway (except for 1. Prescription and 2. Billing modules, which require prerequisite knowledge of ‘a. How to Create Templates for Diagnosis / Drugs / Price list and b. Credits by Patients’). These things are explained in simple language in ‘Quick Start Guide’.
5. At least make one entry of Patient’s data in the Information screen as a starting point.
6. We have consistently developed the modules; so if you can understand a few modules, you can easily understand the whole software. We expect that the total learning curve for anybody to understand and use of the software would be only 3 hours maximum.
7. If however, you require further help then the available options are explained in the previous (‘Our Off-site’ Support) Paragraph.
8. In general, due to the demand and popularity of the software, and because we are marketing the software ‘nation wide’, it is impossible for us to give ‘on-site’ ‘Demo / Training’ on all occasions (exclusions apply).
9. However, if you still wish for an ‘on-site’ ‘Demo / Training’, it comes with a THIRD PARTY CHARGE.

1. Service (‘On-site Demo / Training’) charges including traveling cost:

a. Rs. 2500 to 3500 depending upon the distance from our Head Office.
b. The maximum servicing time is 2 Hours and 45 Minutes.
c. If this time limit is exceeded, then Rs. 600 will be charged per hour or fraction there of.

2. Waiting charges:

a. If the Service Personal has to wait for your convenience, Rs. 600 will be charged per hour or fraction there of.

3. Over-Night Charges, If any:

a. Rs. 600 per night.
b. In addition, you have to provide a decent accommodation to Service Personal.

4. You have to provide a Desktop or Laptop computer which should:

a. have an Windows XP / 7 / 8.1 Operating System.
b. have been updated with Service Packs.
c. be Virus -free.
d. have the temporary files thoroughly cleaned.
e. have the disks scanned for errors.
f. have de fragmented files.
g. have perfect data sharing, in LAN environment.

11. We are sure, that in a very short space of time, you will get to enjoy using the software as much as we do.

Please Note:

We support all our Software for TWO years since it is not possible indefinitely